How to stand out when starting out

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If you are looking for an ebook that is fluff-free, straight-shooting, and will help you pave a path to the dream textile role you’ve always imagined, this is it! 

Who is this for?

This ebook has been written for the newbies in the textile world. Graphic designers wanting to make the switch to textile design, self taught textile designers, textile design students. Those wanting to land their dream job in textile design, but need a little help getting there. 

But. Why is standing out so important?

Making your mark on the fashion industry can be difficult, and there’s a lot of competition out there. So if you want to land that dream job, or be seen as the go-to for a label or a brand, you have to make your point of difference so clear that landing your dream job is not only possible, but 100% achievable.

What can I expect from the ebook?

This is not so much a simple ebook as it is an industry bible. It will guide you through how to make the RIGHT impression when looking to start your textile career. Not just how to do it, but how to do it well. Knock it out of the park kind of well. 

What's inside?

• 35 pages of practical advice from Alana & an industry expert
• We pick apart the importance of knowing your 'why'

• Understanding the dynamics of a print
• The importance of getting your hands dirty
• Groundwork for applications
• How to display your portfolio & bonus CAD drawings
• Why CVs & cover letters aren't dead
• How to communicate your story
• Interview stage
• What happens if you don't get the job?

So this is your chance. If you follow this guide, you’ll be well on your way to that dream job you’ve always wanted. Hooray!