Do the artworks come in repeat?
Yes all our artworks come ready in repeat at 2 sizes, 32cmh or 64cmh - friendly with Rotary printing.
Are your prints screen friendly?
Some of our prints can be screen printed. You can use the tag on our shop page ‘screen friendly’ to filter them
Are your prints colour/element separated?
The majority of our prints are both colour and element separated to make it easy for you to play around with the prints so you can get them to your liking. How can you tell you ask? Our prints are coded in a way so you can tell. COL- 9 means there are 9 colours in the print and ES in the code means that they have the elements separated on the layers.
What type of file are the artworks?
All of our artworks are PSD files
Can I scale the prints up and down?
We can easily help you out and scale down the print. Scaling up is trickier, please contact us if you require to do so before purchasing.
Can you change the colours?
Our latest collections offer 2 colour ways per design, and yes any colour changes are easily made :)
Do you provide pantones?
No, as our samples are printed digitally we suggest you match the pantones yourselves to the sample fabric to get exactly what you’re after.