For a long time now I have been in conflict with my values and how they align with the fashion industry. Since the beginning, it's always been about creating beautiful artworks; seeing people wearing our designs as I walk down the street makes my heart fill with joy. However, the more I learn about the enormous damaging affects our industry has on humanity and the environment, the more it makes my heart break. 

Last year I was struggling to keep up with fast moving demands and trying please everyone and anyone. In hindsight, not a good mixture for myself or my small business. I was running around like a headless chook, not seeing the larger effects of what I was I doing, I decided to change our sample fabric to a (regrettable) polyester just so I could keep my little boat afloat. For that period, something deep in my stomach felt off. It wasn't until I took some well needed timeout to slow down and really thought about what I want Kukukachu to be and where I wanted it to go.

I took a good look at my values and started researching about sustainability within the textile industry. During this period I had a heartbreaking moment when watching 'The True Cost' on Netflix. I didn't realise how devastatingly negative the impacts of the fashion industry are. It is something that I cannot un-see and no longer ignore. Which has been the catalyst in my decision to take Kukukachu into this new and exciting direction.

I quickly switched back to using Silk for our samples and rattled my brain as to how we can improve. It occurred to me that even though we sell digital products and are not in control as to how they will be used, we can however, design them in a way that will encourage and help reduce waste within the printing process. I.e we want to make sure our in-house ethos is walking our talk.

By creating new collections to help minimise ink/ screen wastage and mindfully categorising our designs, we hope that it will help our clients make easier and more positive decisions when it comes to choosing a print. We have been working with the amazing team at Think Positive and chosen to use an ethical base cloth to print our samples. Currently we are trialing a new cloth with our latest collection; a fine silk cotton blend hand-woven in India and we have applied a 'lesser ink setting', allowing us to produce a finer result while also minimising usage of low-toxic water based dyes. 

I hope you are excited by this change as much as the Kukukachu team are. I will be continuing to research as much as possible and hope to offer some insight and education on what we can all do to improve. We have some super exciting ideas for this new direction so let's see where it takes us.

I would absolutely love your feedback, whether you just want to give a great big high five or if you have any questions. Please shoot me an email at:

Alana x