This morning, as I was grabbing my morning coffee a stranger stopped me and told me I had an amazing aura and that I was an old soul. Normally I would just brush this off and tell myself 'Well hey, that's the equivalent of a friendly good morning living here in Byron Bay', but it's not the first time I've been called old soul. I've found that I'm often a go to for friends and family for advice, even my own Grandma at times. So it got me thinking, if I were to give one piece of advice for budding designers out there what would it be? 

Quality over quantity.

This is something that is at the core of my heart in every aspect of my life, and has served me well so far. 

When it comes to design, in my experience, the choice usually comes down to either producing high quantities of poor work, or lower quantities of real quality (unless you’re superman). If you’re a solo act, the choice should be simple. I don’t know any designer that has the time or ability to churn out mountains upon mountains of quality work, so why not make the designs you create and the choices you make, worth it?

How does one do this you may ask? For me, I like to map it out by implementing these four guides:

  1. Being true to yourself - your style, your passions and your skills
  2. Knowing your strengths and understanding your weaknesses
  3. Putting your best foot forward
  4. Less is more

Take your portfolio for example; if you're wanting a job in printed textile design showcase the relevant work, you can leave your examples of graphic or knit design at the door. Highlight the type of work you want to attract :)

Alana x