At the start of every New Year, a create a day with no distractions and allow space and dream up my goals and intentions for what's to come. I found it eerily difficult this time around when I sat down with Newman yesterday; pen, paper and highlighters at the ready. It felt somewhat wrong to think about my plans for the future when so many people on the East Coast of Australia are struggling in their present, fighting for their homes, lives and not to mention the devastating amount of loss of wildlife to our beautiful country. It's hard to not feel overwhelmed and helpless at this bushfire emergency. Our country is on fire with over 5 Million hectares of our homes, people, communities have been affected and 500 Million animals lives lost already. The fires are predicted to worsen this week. 

These fires started in October and had crushing damage to my home town of Port Macquarie, and lost up to 350 koalas by the end of November. My Parents town was evacuated, and having them decide to stay and try to protect their property had me riddled with anxiety and shook me to my core. I felt unbelievably helpless watching this all unfold, and I remember sitting down with a couple of my amazing friends discussing how it felt somewhat wrong to work away as usual in our businesses when all of this was going on around us. We are now in the 4th month of these fires continuing to rage our coast line and have heard so many stories of people affected by this tragedy and our Rural Fire Service not having the funding they need.

So to kick the New Year off with a better bang I've decided to do what I can within my small business to help and to hope that I will inspire others to do so. Every little bit helps...

• For the month of January 100% of profits from our Educational Offerings (including Portfolio Reviews) will be donated to the RFS and WIRES.

• To help motivate this spending spree we will also be offering 10% off our Educational Offerings (including Portfolio Reviews) for the month of January with the CODE: NYBANG 

If you would love to donate directly to these causes you can head on over to:

The Rural Fire Service Donation Page

Wildlife Emergency Bushfire Appeal


Thank you so much for your support! Let's do this! 
~ Alana x

 *Image credit to the very talented artist Tahnee Kelland