Allowing yourself to explore is really important for a creative. Having a deadline can be great for productivity, but it can be easy to lose the ‘joy’ of the work you’re doing too. We need that element of fun and to give ourselves the time to really explore our own style on order to do our best work.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I encourage designers to design without an agenda:

1. You get to explore your own style and find out what you love doing!
2. You'll be able to refine and perfect your skills.
3. It will help you build a portfolio of designs that will attract the right kind of clients; the ones that align with the work you want to do :) How great is that?
4. It's a super duper great way to help encourage and initiate new inspiration.
5. It's fun!

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, play and to design without an agenda. Have fun with it and don’t hold yourself to any standards. Fall in love with the process, and your technique will develop on its own. And hey, the more you practice, the better you’ll be - it’s that simple.

Not convinced? Let me tell you a story about a little known artist named...Pablo Picasso.

Legend has it that Picasso was once having a drink in a bar in Paris (as you do), when he was recognised by an admirer of his work. His admirer asked if Picasso would mind doing a quick drawing on a napkin for them to keep as a memento - and the artist obliged.

The admirer was thrilled...At least until Picasso asked for an extravagant amount of money in return. “But that only took you five minutes?”, The admirer said.

“No, dear lady” said Picasso. “It took me forty years.”

See? Refine your art. Master your craft.

So whenever you get the chance, clock out of the textile design world. Paint on canvas, go and do a ceramics class. Find something creative that breaks with your daily routine, and you’ll be amazed at the new ideas and inspiration that comes with it!

Alana x