Fitness Retreat - Nusa Lembogan

Quote of the retreat "It's a fitness retreat, not a health retreat. That means I can eat whatever I want!"

Lets just say a fitness retreat is not my normal cup of tea, but I was invited to go by my friend Bec. I thought to myself, you need get out of your comfort zone, it is in Bali after all and you really do love a Bintang Radler. I'd been burning the candle at both ends for a long time and hadn't been on a holiday in 5 years! To be honest I hadn't prioritised exercise for that same 5 years as well. All work and no play makes Alana go crazy! I wanted to shake things up for a fresh start as I was lacking motivation and focus. As creatives, we tend to get distracted by all the pretty shiny things that come our way. It was imperative to me to find an outlet to help me get back on track to help me move forward.

Day 1:
We woke up fresh and comically made our way down a very narrow walkway towards our boat to take us to our destination, the beautiful Nusa Lembogan. Upon arrival we had a nice meet and greet and off we went to have a massage and a dip in the pool. I thought to myself, this is a piece of cake, I haven't had to do any exercise yet! Yoga that afternoon was our first activity, a nice ease into the retreat. We laid down on our mats extremely relaxed after our first day, that was until we all started to get attacked by mosquitos! Trying to turn my brain off, I chanted to myself 'there is no spoon, there is no spoon' to help me relax. All of a sudden my zen is interrupted by John Malkovich on the spotify playlist. I had no idea that he chose to use square space to launch his fashion label. Trying to contain my laughter, I kept chanting to myself 'there is no spoon', which in fact made it worse. The organisers made sure there was repellant and candles every night we did yoga from then on. Phew! :)

For those curios about John Malkovich...

Day 2:
6am workout! Oh and it begins. We crawled around like animals on the sand, I'm not kidding it's this new workout thing. We did the elephant, the frog, the bear; I barely survived. After breakfast we went Scuba Diving! That's more like it, I haven't done it in years and was very excited about this! The initial instructions in the pool involved an enormous amount of giggles, then we ventured out into the open water. We saw Sea Turtles, Nemos, angel and puffer fish. Later that day Bec and I had 1hr of unintentional silence in our room over looking the beach watching some of the hotel guests on the banana boats, which moved at a glacial pace and thought that it would be more fun sitting in a chair.

That's me in the blue, I may or not be on my phone

Day 3:
At 6am we jump on a boat to do our workout at a secluded beach, followed by a swim with the Mantarays then off to a surf lesson. Bec and I consider ourselves professional beginners. We've had 3 lessons before so we thought, we got this! We were so proud of ourselves, we stood up every time AND got a party wave. Yoga that evening was a mission. I was so sore after surfing the yoga instructor thought I wanted to punch her in the face because of the faces I was making. The stretch felt amazing though and was well worth it! Fell asleep at 8pm!

That's us without the surf school rashies. Such pros! ;)

Day 4:
Our beach workout in the morning was in super soft sand, testing our endurance after the surfing the day before. The workout was boxing, oh no! I was told I punch like a kitten. A facial was needed that afternoon, total relaxation, reading, chocolate cake & coffee.

Visual representation of what I looked liked boxing!

Day 5:
Workout was at 7am woohoo! Sleep in. The day was filled nothing but relaxing. Massages, reading, naps and followed by yoga in the rain. Bliss.

Day 6:
7am workout again, I think they realised we were starting to fade. After a morning of relaxation, we had a snorkelling expedition in the afternoon. Saw another turtle and lots of beautiful fishies!

Day 7: 7am workout, followed by a bike ride to the other side of the island. That being said, I don't like bikes, I have a fear and haven't been on one in 6 years. I was so proud of myself for going, especially when the bike I chose was stuck in the easiest gear so every time I went up a hill I was pedalling for dear life looking like the engergizer bunny! I had a good laugh. After. We packed our bags that afternoon saying goodbye to all the new amazing people we met, feeling more refreshed and revised.


Coming back to the office after the retreat I was full of excitement and inspired. A much needed kick up the bum really helped motivate me at work, my mind was clear and focused. The most exercise I had allowed myself is walking my dog Newman and as a creative I find that exercise is NEEDED! So as a result, I've signed up for reformer pilates and eager to find other activities to help give me the needed focus every week. It also gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, try new techniques and to not be afraid of doing so!

- Alana Gunn | Creative Director

If anyone is interested in doing the retreat here's a snippet below. Highly recommended! Evolution Fitness Bali

Photography: Evolution Fitness Bali