Cut Me Loose

Team Kukukachu has been testing out some new techniques for our latest collection. Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of our board ••• Cut Me Loose ••• and the artists behind them :)

"I have loved experimenting with a new technique and printing with natural objects. It's been so inspiring to see what textures, shapes and patterns that can be created from simply using flowers and leaves as stamps. I've really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone in design to see what new artworks I could create which are individual and unique! I look forward to having more fun and getting 'hands on' to create design that are unpredictable, yet beautiful!!"
- Michelle

"My approach was to experiment with some leaf stamping. I started off with collecting some leaves on my walk that morning and brought them back home with me. 
I went in without thinking too much about what I wanted to do. Applying the paint on the leaves was the messiest part of it all but so much fun. 
Gouache was my choice of medium; I started stamping the painted leaves onto a really nice textured paper and mixed in some colour into the water to get a washy effect on the leaves. Overall very pleased with how it turned out :)" 
- Neha